Small-Animal Imaging Facility (SAIF)

Authors of publications containing work performed by Van Andel Research Institute’s (VARI) Small-Animal Imaging Facility are asked to follow these guidelines in their acknowledgements:

  • Acknowledge VARI’s Small-Animal Imaging Facility by name in the manuscript.
  • Consider authorship for more significant intellectual and planning contributions.
  • Notify Core Services staff of successful publications and awarded grant applications. This assists in tracking and maintaining institutional records, which help inform the Cores’ quality services.

Selected publications

Li S, Johnson J, Peck AS, Xie Q. 2017. Near infrared fluorescent imaging of brain tumor with IR780 dye incorporated phospholipid nanparticles. J Transl Med 15(1):18.       PubMed

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Lozier AM, Rich ME, Grawe AP, Peck AS, Zhao P, Chang AT, Bond JP, Sholler GS. 2015. Targeting ornithine decarboxylast reverses the LIN28/Let-7 axis and inhibits glycolytic metabolism in neuroblastoma.  Oncotarget 6(10)196–206.       PubMed

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