Small-Animal Imaging Facility (SAIF)

The Small-Animal Imaging Facility offers a comprehensive array of services to accommodate a range of research needs. For questions about the facility’s capabilities or a specific project, please contact Bryn Eagleson


Computed tomography (CT) applies X-ray imaging to produce a 3-D anatomical tomographic image. The use of contrast media enables soft tissue segmentation and some functional imaging.


During a micro-ultrasound, high-frequency sound waves are measured using transducers and reconstructed to create images. Micro-ultrasounds are capable of anatomical imaging and monitoring certain physiological processes.

Optical imaging

During optical imaging, bioluminescence and fluorescent light from the visible and near-infrared spectrum is imaged using high-sensitivity cameras to view distribution within the subject. The information is not quantitative and is most effective for regions of interest near the surface of the body.